1. honey_creek.recycling

    City-wide Curbside Recycling Coming January 2018
    In May 2017, the City renegotiated its trash and recycling contract with Honey Creek Disposal Services and, as part of that renegotiation, the City Commission approved city-wide curbside recycling. The recycling containers were delivered the week of December 11th in preparation for the start of city-wide recycling service.  For answers to frequently asked questions about how this additional service will impact you, check out this City-wide Curbside Recycling FAQs sheet
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    City of Eudora Mobile App Available 
    The City of Eudora mobile app is available for download on Apple and Android devices.  Scan the QR code above to download the app and begin browsing its capabilities.  For more information on the app and its capabilities follow this link.
  1. 2018 Budget Overview

    2018 Budget

    The following year's budget is adopted each summer and the City Commission will adopt the 2018 budget at its August 14th regular meeting. To see the full proposed budget, including the City Manager's letter to the Commission, click here