1. eudora_south_trail

    Eudora South Trail: Phase II Planned for 2017
    Construction of the second phase of the Eudora South Trail is scheduled to begin in mid-to-late 2017. This project is being funded through a federal Transportation Alternatives grant (80%) and your quarter-cent Park & Recreation Sales Tax (20%).
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    Ambulance and New Fire Truck Coming to Eudora
    The Eudora Public Safety Building will get a bit fuller in 2017. The County approved the permanent addition of a full-time, staffed ambulance in Eudora which is expected to arrive in the early months of 2017. That plus the addition of a new engine, expected to arrive in the later part of 2017, will provide residents with an even higher level of safety.     
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    Be Prepared for Winter Weather 

    As temperatures plumet and nights are longer, take care to stay safe and warm this winter season. Keep up to date on weather and road conditions and learn ways to prepare yourself and your home in the cold, snow, and ice. Read more.