Mission Statement 
"The City of Eudora Fire Department strives to protect life and property by providing prompt professional fire, rescue, and emergency medical service." 
Our Values
Community, Professionalism, Integrity, Brotherhood


The responsibilities of the Eudora Fire Department are to protect Life, Property, and Environment within the City of Eudora.  The Fire Department will strive to be role models in the community and leaders in the profession. The Fire Department will be accountable to those it serves, our fellow firefighters and organizations with which it interacts. The Fire Department is committed to providing the best public service through professional training, quality education, and modern equipment. 


The Fire Department’s goals can be accomplished through educating the public in fire safety, preventing fires from occurring, and by providing a quality fire suppression system. It is the responsibility of each member of the Fire Department to be prepared, both mentally and physically, to meet the challenges of and to carry out this mission with professionalism and pride.

For More Information

If you are interested in joining the Eudora Fire Department or are just curious about our department, please contact us or stop by the station.