1. IMG_20180502_124840675_HDRThe City of Eudora is requesting responses to its Request for Proposal (RFP) to develop the City's old public safety building at 840 Main Street.  The building was used to house the City's police and fire departments until 2012. The quarter acre site is tucked inside of the historic downtown.  A 4,320 square foot building currently sits on this site with a high volume of daily vehicle traffic. Proposals should capitalize on the current renaissance occurring in the area with nearby buildings being purchased and revitalized.

    The RFP is available here.
  1. Eudora Snow Route
    Let it snow, let it snow, let it snow! When the weather outside is frightful, City crews are out treating and plowing our streets. They follow a main and secondary route first and then clean the remaining residential streets. Please contact City Hall with any questions you might have about our inclement weather procedures. 

  1. Utility Bill Changes

    High Utility Bill? Get to the Source! 

    Summertime is infamous for utility bills getting out of whack. If your electric and water bills have been higher lately, this simple tool may help you to understand why that is and how you can get a better handle on keeping your bills low. The entire graphic is available on our Utility Billing page by following this link.