City Dog Pound

City of Eudora Dog Policies

The City of Eudora requires a city tag for any dog over the age of six months. Proof of current rabbies vaccination is required when purchasing a city tag for your dog.

Steps to license your dog:

A. Owners must submit the following licensing information to the City Clerk's office:
1. Current rabies certificate from a licensed veterinarian
2. Spay certificate from licensed veterinarian unless it's noted on rabies certificate
3. License fee ( see fee schedule below)

Fee Schedule
Male or spayed female, $10.00 Female; (not spayed) $15.00. Replacement tag $10.00
B. How to submit licensing information and obtain a dog license:
  • Personally submit licensing information to the city clerk's office at 4 E. 7th St.
  • Drop off information at the utility box on the east side of the City Hall and tags will be mailed to the owner (please call to confirm receipt)
  • Mail license information to the clerk's office: City of Eudora, P.O.Box 650, Eudora, KS, 66025
  • Email license information and pay the fee over the phone with a debit or credit card by calling: 785-542-2153

Fines for Dog(s) at Large

The Eudora Police Department issues citations for "dog at large" to owners of dogs that are picked up and placed at the city dog pound.

Following payment of the applicable fees for boarding at the city dog pound and the LHS, owners may receive a ticket from the Eudora Police Department. Payment of fine is not required prior to redeeming a dog from the city dog pound or the Lawrence Humane Society.