MyCommunity Mobile App

Living in a city, every citizen should have up to date information about activities in the community they live. Every community member is expected to have adequate knowledge of where they live. Eudora city staff are aware of the need to keep you informed about activities and events in the community.

Why the need for the Eudora Mobile App
While many sources exist to disseminate information to citizens, there is the need for timely and efficient access to information. A Mobile App meets these criteria because you are always with your mobile phone to getting alerts or search for what you want about the city. The City of Eudora mobile app is designed to be a mini city hall in your pocket.

Benefits of Eudora City Mobile App to citizens
In using the mobile app, users can quickly search and get information about the city. Whether you are looking for services, places or events, all you need to do is search your mobile app installed on your cell phone. More importantly, the city will send out alerts on emergencies, traffic congestion, road maintenance, environmental issues, weather update and other beneficial services.

Features of the Eudora Mobile App 
The Eudora Mobile App has inbuilt features helping you to work smarter, engage and communicate efficiently for productivity in the community.

  • Connect with City Hall: It gets you local officials contact information to engage and interact with them.
  • Real-Time News Alerts: It allows you to share community beneficial news such as weather report, school closing, traffic disaster or crime to alert the community for safety.
  • Community Calendar: Keep track of community activities by pushing on this button to get you quick information.
  • Report an Issue: Did something just happen you feel it's worth sharing with the community? Take the picture and send it. The GPS coordinates pinpoint the problem's location for immediate response.
  • News: This feature will let you deliver up to the minute news linking live feed from social media platforms like Facebook and Twitter and the RSS feeds.
  • School Finder: Parents will find this of great help. It provides direction, contact information, and photos of schools in the community.
  • Service Providers: You will get extensive contact information of essential services providers like water, gas, electricity, waste management and cable as much more just with the push of the button.
  • Life Events: For your upcoming event, this feature links you up with Yelp for access to local dining, shopping, clubs and more. You won't miss out on the fun.
  • Home Page Shortcut Menu: The feature takes you direct to the site of the information you seek.

Other benefits of the mobile app 
Beyond news and reporting, the Eudora Mobile App leverages the power of MyCommunity Mobile App to connect individuals and businesses. Members on the mobile app can chat and share information without extra cost.

The mobile app is available on both the App Store and the Android Market for download. Once downloaded, and installed, you will be safely connected to Eudora City Government and receive crucial information about your city.