Smoke & Carbon Monoxide Detector Program

Be Safe - Maintain the Smoke Alarm in Your Home

Almost one in every five fires occurs in a building without a working smoke alarm. Most fatal fires occur at night, when you and your family are asleep. Smoke alarms are designed to wake you up (with a loud noise) if a fire starts. Smoke alarms save lives, but only if they are installed and properly working and maintained! 

The Eudora Fire Department recommends smoke alarms in all bedrooms and sleeping areas, and on every level of a house Along with a Carbon Monoxide detector for every floor. 

Test your alarm monthly.
Change the batteries twice a year, when you change your clocks. 
Replace the smoke alarm every 10 years.
If you are in need of a deaf or hard of hearing smoke detector, please fill out this form

The Silent Killer
Safeguard your home and family from a threat called the silent killer. Carbon Monoxide (CO) is tasteless, odorless, and colorless. The fire department recommends that a CO  detector be placed on every floor of your home. 

The City of Eudora Smoke & CO Alarm Program will install free smoke alarms for residents in an effort to reduce fatal occurrences in homes. Contact the fire department at 785-542-3653 to schedule a time for installation!