Conditions for Annexation

Per Kansas law, annexation can occur only under the following conditions:

  • The land is platted, and some part of the land adjoins the city.
  • The land is owned by or held in trust for the city or any agency thereof.
  • The land adjoins the city and is owned by or held in trust for any governmental unit other than another city except that no city may annex land owned by a county without the express permission of the board of county commissioners of the county.
  • The land lies within or mainly within the city and has a common perimeter with the city boundary line of more than 50%.
  • The land if annexed will make the city boundary line straight or harmonious and some part thereof adjoins the city, except no land in excess of 21 acres shall be annexed for this purpose.
  • The tract is so situated that 2/3 of any boundary line adjoins the city, except no tract in excess of 21 acres shall be annexed under this condition.
  • The land adjoins the city and a written petition for or consent to annexation is filed with the city by the owner.

Voluntary Annexation into the City of Eudora

Voluntary annexation of unincorporated Douglas County property into the City of Eudora requires approval of the City Commission. 

While all submitted petitions will be reviewed, not all petitions will be granted; the City reviews and assesses all petitions based on proximity to existing City boundaries, availability of utilities, and the nature and needs of the petitioning property. 

Annexation Process

The State of Kansas governs the annexation process. Annexation occurs only after multiple public hearings and formal notice to affected property owners and any impacted public or taxing subdivisions. 

It is Eudora's policy to annex land based on an ability to provide services within identified growth areas. Growth areas that the city has identified can be found on pages 21-24 of the 2020 Comprehensive Plan.

To apply for annexation, please reference Eudora's Annexation Procedure. Each application should include:

1. A Petition for/Consent to Annexation

A. The legal description or copy of the last recorded deed of the property you wish to annex. This can be found through the Douglas County Register of Deeds.
B. A map of the parcel and surrounding area, identifying the parcel you wish to annex.

2. An Annexation Agreement. To complete this form, please review:

A. Your two options for Section 2 of the Agreement. From there, remove the unused option that does not pertain to your annexation. 
**Please do not fill out Part B of the Recitals if you choose Option B of Section 2**
B. Your three options for Section 3 of the Agreement. From there, remove the two unused options that do not pertain to your annexation.
C. Your two options for Section 4 of the Agreement. From there, remove the remaining unused option from the agreement.

After removing all extra options, please complete all blanks and attach and label all exhibits as required by your final Agreement. These exhibits/attachments will differ depending upon the options you chose in Sections 2, 3, and 4.

3. An ordinance provided by the City Clerk. This ordinance will reference the legal description provided by the applicant in Step 1A above.

Additional fees may apply, including, but not limited to: application, rezoning, and/or publication fees.