Any subdivision of land within the jurisdiction of the City of Eudora must have an approved plat application. The subdivision process involves submitting a preliminary plat, engineering plans for any public improvement, and a final plat. 

The simple division of one lot into two lots may qualify for a Lot Split

Pre-Application Meeting

The pre-application meeting provides an opportunity for an applicant and City staff to exchange information and discuss issues that impact the design of the project. 

For questions about the pre-application meeting or to schedule a meeting, contact Building and Codes Administrator Curt Baumann at 785-542-3124.

Application Process

Preliminary Plat 

1. Hold the pre-application meeting. 

2. Prepare the Preliminary Plat in accordance with current zoning regulations

3. Obtain a preliminary engineering plan.

4. Complete and submit the Preliminary Plat Application and application fee.

5. Staff review.

6. Planning Commission public hearing.

Final Plat

1. Obtain the final engineering plan.

2. Prepare the Final Plat in accordance with current zoning regulations

3. Complete and submit the Final Plat Application and application fee.

4. Staff review.

5. Planning Commission public hearing.

6. City Commission public hearing, if applicable. 

7. Record the final plat with the Douglas County Register of Deeds.