Special Benefit Districts

Special benefit districts are frequently used by local governments to encourage and promote orderly development and infrastructure improvements which will pay for themselves by allowing the costs for an improvement to be assessed to the properties directly benefiting from such improvement. Per Resolution 2017-06, the use of benefit district financing is discretionary with the City, and the City Commission is under no obligation to approve any petitioned improvements, nor is it relinquishing its authority to initiate improvements by resolution as may be necessary to promote the general welfare of the community.

A special benefit district may be created to finance the following: 

  • streets
  • water system projects
  • sanitary sewers
  • storm sewers 
  • sidewalks
  • other public improvements as approved by the City Commission.

Pre-Application Meeting

The pre-application meeting provides an opportunity for an applicant and City staff to exchange information and discuss issues that impact the design of the project. 

For questions about the pre-application meeting or to schedule a meeting, contact Building and Codes Administrator Curt Baumann at 785-542-3124.

Application Process

1. Hold the pre-application meeting. 

2. Estimate probable project costs (form provided within the Special Benefit District Affidavit).

3. Gather the signatures of at least 50% of the property owners within the proposed district (form provided within the Special Benefit District Affidavit). 

4. Complete and submit the Benefit District Application and Petition for Public Improvements and application fee.

5. Staff review.

6. City Commission public hearing.