A proposal for a change in district classification (rezoning) may be initiated by either the City Council, the Planning Commission, or by application of the owner of the property affected. 

Pre-Application Meeting

The pre-application meeting provides an opportunity for an applicant and City staff to exchange information and discuss issues that impact the design of the project. 

For questions about the pre-application meeting or to schedule a meeting, contact Building and Codes Administrator Curt Baumann at 785-542-3124.

Application Process

1. Hold pre-application meeting. 

2. Obtain from the County Clerk and remit with the Rezoning Application a current list of all property owners within a pre-determined proximity to the applicant property. 

3. Complete and submit the Rezoning Application and application fee.

4. Staff review.

5. Planning Commission public hearing (following 20-day notice to surrounding property owners).

6. City Commission public hearing.