Eudora Comprehensive Plan

The Eudora 2020 Comprehensive Plan

The comprehensive plan process has reached its conclusion and the new plan is officially a part of the City of Eudora's operational plan for the next 20 years. City Commissioners approved the plan in December of 2020 and you can read the full document at the link below.

The comprehensive plan helps determine community goals and aspirations in terms of community growth and development. The plan outlines public policies on economic development, utilities, land use, recreation, and housing.

2020 Eudora Comprehensive Plan (PDF for download)

Comprehensive Plan Development

Eudora Today

The first phase of the comprehensive planning process focused on answering two questions: 

  • Where have we been?
  • Where are we today?

The Existing Conditions Report, which is a component of the updated comprehensive plan, is a great place to start. This report is filled with facts regarding Eudora’s past and present, setting a foundation for the future of Eudora.

Eudora does have an existing comprehensive plan, created in 2003. This document has been guiding the city’s decisions for the last 15+ years. However, as we have all experienced, much has changed in Eudora. It makes sense to go through this formal process and update our plan to meet the changing needs of our growing community.

To learn more about the Comprehensive Plan, please review this presentation from our planning consultants to get the full picture of what's in the comprehensive plan and how it's structured.

Community Survey - What Do You Think?

The community survey was open for 6 weeks and received an incredible response from the community. A grand total of 942 people submitted responses and contributed to our planning process. Those results can be found here.

Community Town Hall Meeting

In 2020, the City hosted a Town Hall Meeting at City Hall to formally introduce the comprehensive planning process to the Eudora community. City staff and Dave Knopick, our planning consultant, led the presentation and discussion around several topics. We discussed and collected feedback about: 

  • What issues is Eudora facing?
  • What assets does Eudora have?
  • What goals/vision do we have for our community?
  • What are the priorities that we must solve first?

The presentation, notes, and community feedback documents from the Town Hall Meeting are linked below. Please feel free to review them and add your thoughts to the conversation via the City’s ’Contact Us’ link on the website. There you will find a form to submit your feedback to the city and planners.