Eudora Comprehensive Plan

The Eudora 2020 Comprehensive Plan

Over the course of this year, the City of Eudora will develop its comprehensive plan to guide our planning and decision making over the next several years. A comprehensive plan determines community goals and aspirations in terms of community growth and development. This plan will express and regulate public policies on economic development, utilities, land use, recreation, and housing.

Eudora Today

The first phase of the comprehensive planning process is focused on answering two questions: Where have we been? and Where are we today? This link will take you to the draft Existing Conditions Report which will become a component of the comprehensive plan. This report is filled with facts regarding Eudora’s past and present setting a foundation for upcoming community discussion conversation. Please review this document and plan on attending the upcoming town hall meeting

Town Hall Public Meeting

Tuesday, February 4, 2020

Eudora City Hall. 

4 East 7th St, Eudora, KS 66025

7:00 p.m.

Community Survey - What Do You Think?

One of the first steps in the process is collecting community, citizen, and stakeholder feedback. Please visit our community survey page and spend some time sharing your open and honest feedback about what YOU THINK Eudora should plan for in the future. You can find the survey at the link below.

Click here to complete the Comprehensive Plan Survey

Hearing from the community is very important, so in addition to completing a survey please forward the link to this web page to your friends and neighbors and ask them to participate in the survey process as well. Thank you!