Business Registration

The City of Eudora requires all businesses with a physical location within city limits, to register with the city. This information is used by The City of Eudora to report to the Kansas Department of Revenue as part of our compliance efforts under the Kansas Retailers’ Sales Tax Act (K.S.A 79-3601). Businesses that conduct business in Eudora but who do not have a physical presence here, are not required to submit a business registration application. 

Please follow the link to complete the application form and provide the requested information about your business located in the city. We will ask you to provide the following information:

  1. Type of business, including whether a franchise, independently owned or home-based;
  2. Legal name and common name of business;
  3. Business, street, mailing and e-mail addresses; telephone number; and website URL;
  4. Date business started;
  5. Name, mailing address and contact telephone number of each owner, partner or corporate officer;
  6. Corporate address, contact name and telephone number (if any);
  7. An after-hour (emergency) contact name and telephone number;
  8. Federal Income Tax Number, Federal Employer Identification Number; and Kansas State Tax Account Number;
  9. The numbers of any federal, state or county licenses or certificates held and proof of valid Kansas Retailers Sales Tax Registration Certificate;
  10. Approximate number of full time and part time employees;
  11. Anticipated sales tax filing frequency.

If you need to locate some of this information, the State of Kansas maintains a complete list of registered business entities. You can find out the official name of your business, your business ID, and your registered agent, among many other details through the State of Kansas Site: 

If you have any questions or concerns, please reach out to Jeffery Rhodes, Management Analyst, via phone or email: