Project Overview

Sports and Entertainment

The project’s focal point is a sports and entertainment arena that can seat up to 5,000 guests. The arena differentiates itself from others by hosting a diverse set of programming, including mixed martial arts, basketball, volleyball, concerts, entertainment events, and much more.

Mixed-Use Development

In addition to the sports and entertainment arena, the project is planned to include restaurants, ranging from pubs and breweries to cafes and bakeries. Retail spaces for service providers, specialty shops, health and fitness centers, and more will also be a part of the development. This will allow the project both to offer a wide range of services to residents and visitors, and to have diverse revenue sources. 

The development will also include several apartments, increasing the City’s multi-family housing supply while keeping rental costs low.

STAR Bonds

To meet the vision for the project, the best funding tool for the City is STAR bonds. Using STAR Bonds to fund the project will allow the City to pay off the bond through the sales tax revenue generated by the new development.

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