We hope this page will be a helpful guide to everything you need to know about leasing a home in the City of Eudora. Whether you are leasing a single- or multi-family home or units in an apartment building, this page is for the property owners who rent their spaces to other short- or long-term residents.


The City of Eudora requires Landlord Agreements to allow for the homeowner to maintain access to their property's account information while passing on utility bills, fees, and charges to the renter. With a completed agreement, both the renter and the homeowner are permitted access to information regarding utility usage and other account activity. Both parties also have the option to opt into notifications to stay informed regarding their account and utilities, including occupancy changes and disconnections.

Suppose a tenant is renting from a landlord without a landlord agreement completed. In that case, all utility bills, charges, or fines will be the responsibility of the property owner rather than who is/was living in the residence. Likewise, only the homeowner would have access to the utility bills, utility usage/monitoring, and any other account activity, including occupancy changes and disconnections.

The City of Eudora strongly encourages all potential renters to verify their landlords are registered with the City.

Setup fees

All new residents are required to set up utilities with the City of Eudora, incurring account setup fees. New in 2024, when a registered landlord acquires a new property, the account setup fees are eligible to be waived. This one-time waiver only applies to Eudora landlords who have registered for the calendar year through the Utility Authorization Agreement and does not apply to any lapses in service or reconnect fees due to non-payment.