Permits, Licenses, & Applications

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Building Permits

Building Permits are issued for various projects including new construction, remodel work, alterations, accessory buildings, fences, irrigation, and other connections to the City of Eudora potable water system, electrical, plumbing, heating, and mechanical work.

Contractor's License 

All contractors wishing to conduct business in Eudora must apply for, pay the appropriate fee, and obtain a contractor's license before commencing any work within the City. Please fill out and submit the form linked above.

Fireworks Sales

Application for permit to sell consumer fireworks in the City of Eudora shall be in writing on forms provided by the City of Eudora. Completed applications must be received a minimum of 14 days prior to the event. Incomplete applications shall be returned. Approved applications are for the sale of legal 1.4G (consumer fireworks) in the State of Kansas. Click HERE to download the application.

Lot Split Application

The division of one lot into two lots without having to replace said lot, and providing that the resulting two lots shall not again be divided without replatting requires a Lot Split Application and a Lot Split Affidavit. The planning commission may approve or disapprove lot splits in accordance with the lot split regulations set forth in the City of Eudora Subdivision Regulations.

Massage Therapist License

Click here to download a massage therapy license application.

Mobile Food Vendors

Mobile Food Vendor Licenses are issued to businesses who wish to operate a food truck or mobile food/beverage service in Eudora. All vendors must submit an application and be approved by our City Clerk prior to conducting a food truck business within city limits. 

Open Burn permit

Permits are required for all open burning. These permits can be obtained at Eudora City Fire Department during normal business hours at 930 Main Street - use public entrance on SW corner of building.  A burn permit can only be obtained by the legal property owner. When burning, the permit must be readily accessible on site at all times.  Once a permit is obtained, the applicant must call the Douglas County Dispatch Center just prior to igniting their fire (785) 843-0250. Click HERE for Rangeland Fire Danger Forecast from the National Weather Service Weather Forecast Office.

  • $50  
  • Inspection required by Fire Department prior to burning
  • Good for 7 days from date of issuance
  • Can Burn - Leaves, twigs, brush, untreated scrap wood, tree limbs, clippings and most organic and natural materials.
  • Can NOT burn - Shingles, tires, tar paper, household trash, plastics, furniture or man-made synthetic material.

Plat Application

Any subdivision of land within the jurisdiction of the City of Eudora must have an approved Plat Application. The subdivision process involves submitting a preliminary plat, engineering plans for any public improvements, and a final plat.

 Right of Way Permit

All Right of Way Permit Applications must contain the following:

  • Compliance with verification of registration
  • Submission of a completed permit application form, including all required attachments and scaled drawings showing the location and area of the proposed project and the location of all existing and proposed facilities at such location
  • A traffic control plan and map.
  • Payment of all money due to the City for permit fees and costs, for prior excavation costs, for any loss, damage, or expense suffered by the City because of the applicant's prior excavations of the right-of-way or for any emergency actions taken by the city, unless the payment of such money is in dispute and timely appealed.

Sign Permits

Sign permit application

Site Plan Application

All applicants for building permits regarding new buildings or expansion of any existing buildings in multifamily, commercial, and industrial zoning districts are subject to a Site Plan Review. Both preliminary and final site plans are required prior to obtaining a building permit. Developments shall implement the applicable regulations and requirements specified in the Zoning Regulations, shall be encouraged to implement the objectives of the City’s Comprehensive Plan, and to foster compatibility among land uses in the City of Eudora.

Solicitors / Peddlers / Canvassers Permit

Solicitor/Peddler/Canvasser Permits are issued to transient businesses who wish to sell to the residents of Eudora. All solicitors must submit an application and be approved by the City Clerk prior to operating within City limits. 

Currently, no solicitors are approved to operate in Eudora for 2023.

Special Event Permits

All events taking place on any public property and/or obstructing or redirecting vehicular or pedestrian traffic must have an associated Special Event Permit. Form updated May 15, 2023.

UPUR Application

A “Use Permitted Upon Review” or UPUR Application is required when a use not normally allowed in a certain zoning district, as according to the City of Eudora Zoning Regulations, is desired. These types of uses typically require special study with respect to specific location and design consideration to assure that the use will have a minimal negative impact on surrounding properties.

Variance Application

A Variance Application is required when an applicant feels that the strict application of the requirements of the zoning regulations creates an undue hardship. A variance should be issued only to the specific restrictions on physical construction and not to the list of permissible land uses within a given zone.