The City of Eudora wastewater plant is run by three employees and a consultant. The plant personnel is responsible for the proper operation of the wastewater treatment plant and ensuring the wastewater facility is in compliance with all state and EPA regulations. Wastewater plant operations include lab testing, oxidation with air and velocity provided by vertical turbines. Ultra-violet disinfection cleans the plant effluent prior to discharge into the river. Presently, the plant is operating at approximately 55% of capacity. The average daily flow into the plant is 450,000 gallons of raw sewage, but it can exceed one million gallons during periods of heavy rainfall. 

Help Keep our Sewer System Running - Only Flush the 3 P's

With concerns over the COVID-19 coronavirus and toilet paper shortages across the United States, there appears to be an increased use of disinfecting “flushable” wipes being disposed of in toilets. Despite being labeled as "flushable," these types of products are not flushable and wreak havoc on waste systems, causing costly sewage back-ups.

When the wrong materials (paper towels, wipes, grease, etc.) are put into the sewer system, the flow of water is blocked, resulting in sewer water backing up through the drains into our homes.

Because these materials don’t break down the way toilet paper does, they clog sewer pipes by snagging on the inside of the pipes, catch passing debris and grease, and in turn creates a blockage that plugs the pipes. This material also gets into sewer lines and wastewater treatment plant pumps, creating more clogs and damage.

All of us can do our part to prevent sewer backups using the following tips: :

  • Follow the "3Ps"—only Pee, Poo and toilet Paper should be flushed.
  • Dispose of all wipes and personal hygiene products, even those labeled “flushable,” in the trash.

Thank you for doing your part to help keep Eudora's sewer system running!