The City of Eudora maintains approximately 30 miles of paved surface streets. The Streets Department is responsible for repairing potholes, replacing and installing signs, snow removal, and any other necessary street maintenance.

Fill out an online form to report signs down, trees in the roadway, potholes, etc., or call the Public Works office at (785) 690-7037. For after-hours emergencies, call (785) 542-2153.

Snow Removal

The Public Works Department coordinates the snow removal and road treatment process for snow and ice weather events within City limits. Although the strategy can change depending on the type of event that occurs, the City plows and treats collector and arterial streets first in order to provide emergency vehicle access. Those streets are considered the primary and secondary snow removal routes. 

Once primary and secondary routes are cleared, City staff will begin plowing and treating residential streets. These streets are split into four sections, with each plow taking a quarter of the city. The trucks will try to get two passes (at a minimum) down each street, one down and one back. Once the weather event is over and the trucks have made at least one pass through the entire city, trucks will come back and clear more on the streets. 

Important note: When a snow event is forecasted, residents should try and park their vehicles in their driveways, not on the street, so that plows can make two passes. 

Snow Removal Route

The interactive map below details the snow removal routes in the City of Eudora. 

  • Red Lines = Primary Route
  • Yellow Lines = Secondary Route
  • All other streets will be plowed and treated after the main and secondary routes are completed.

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